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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Imagine the scene, I am sure you will not find it too hard, it's been a grueling week at work – the weekend has finally arrived at last. It's been a particularly tough week at work and you're really fed up the 9-5 grind and the same old boring job – but you've a mortgage to pay, kids to feed and a family to support. With a well earned beer you sit down at your computer and type something similar to one of these phrases into Google.

Making money quickly, making money online, working from home, money making schemes on the internet,

The list goes on and on, there is no end of money making schemes on the internet, your spoiled for choice. Sounds familiar – well I've certainly done it, been there got the T-shirt. You just sit there hoping and praying that your prayers will be answered and that you will find the Holy Grail of money making.

"Make '$ 1,000's online each month" "Make money quickly and easily online – 100% guaranteed" "I make 500k per month" "How to make £ 500 in 30 minutes!"

Be your own boss, no skill required, work the hours of your choosing, make thousands – the stories go on and on. There will also be those people offering lots of advice on avoiding the scams but at the same time encouraging you to sign up to another one. The worst of these schemes will generally be in the sponsored Pay per Click ads to the top and right of the results but they are also in the search results. Of course there are legitimate sites offering good advice as well but how can you tell which is which !!

Well common sense generally – remember these scam sites are preying on the fact that you really want to believe them. You want there to be a way of earning 500k a week for minimal effort – because that would change your life. Now stop and think – if you did know about such a method would you tell everyone on the internet? Would you sell your method for a measly $ 27?

Of course you would not, not without your mad, you'd carry on making that money until your program suddenly did not work any more. Try and think of a scenario where you'd want to sell this huge money making scheme to everyone for a small fee.

Can not think of one? Honestly if you had a fabulous money making idea, you'd guard it, nurture it and protect it with your life, now would not you. To sell your secret on the internet would threaten it and could potentially end it prematurely! This is of course only a risk if the method actually works in the first place of course – if it did not actually work then the only way to generate cash is to sell it on to suckers like me and you !!

Look for realism, look for truth – if there are lots of pictures of Ferrari's, bikini clad beauties etc the ad is selling you the idea of ​​being rich not an actual method. Of course the Ferrari and the millionaire lifestyle is appealing that's a no brainer – but what about the method of achieving this is it real ???

Also a lot of those websites with the flash cars the half naked women and the big mansions are owned by spotty 17 year old teen youths trying to make a quick buck or two from gullible people like you and I. How do I know this, well up until recently I used to do a lot of sales copy for people and a lot of customers were young chancer's trying to make a few quick bucks to get them through University or buy them a new motor car or motor bike. You should see some of the emails I received asking for my help and the reasons people wanted me to help them, bizarre is not in it. It is copy writers like me who create the dream that is nothing but an illusion, to get you to part with your hard earned money.

Sadly in 99.9% of cases it is not real. There are lots of scams, here are just a few to look out for.

Google cash, free Google ads, Google arbitrage Lots and lots of schemes promising millions are based on a variation of one of these methods. Basically they suggest utilizing Google AdWords to generate income via affiliate schemes or AdSense.

Something along the lines of setting up pay per click adverts and sending them to pages filled with Google AdSense adverts – if you pay less for the PPC ads than you make from the AdSense adverts you make money. It is true, I must admit; however it is extremely difficult and more often than not you will certainly lose money. Similar methods abound and while it is technically possible to make money; you need to risk a lot of capital and you need some experience and skill too, which takes time to get and some people just are not cut out for such things.

FACT: Most people who use these schemes lose money and lots of it too – except if you're the one selling the report or eBook explaining how it works of course!

Search Engine Optimization and free traffic. Now of course, you can make money out of web traffic and yes you can generate traffic for free. I do it all the time. But you do not need to buy the methods via "make thousands on the internet schemes". All the information you need is in the public domain – search on SEO and search engine rankings etc and read everything but do not buy anything. I promise you will learn all that needs to be learned.

The Internet is awash with free reports, ebooks, software, videos and audios showing you how to do a million and one things. Why pay for something you can get for free, it does not make sense. It just requires that you do a little research and do not be lazy about it.

However again in reality it involves bloody hard work, study and dedication is the order of the day. The sad fact is I am the barer of bad news, there are no such thing as get rich quick money making schemes that actually work. To make money in any business you have to be prepared to put the work in and make sacrifices. OK yes you can make $ 700 or a $ 1,000 in a week for sure but 500k or more no way. In fact anything over $ 1,500 would have been hard to tell the truth.

There's loads more money making schemes out there but the important thing to remember is – yes you can make money online but just as anywhere else it generally takes bloody hard work. Sometimes people figure out ways to make loads of money just like in real life – a gap in the market, some loophole, some untapped market and they do indeed make a fortune – but what they do not do is sell that secret on until it is virtually worthless.

Here's a piece of sound advice, if you are thinking of spending more than a few hundred dollars on a product then check the seller out in forums, do your homework first. You will find that the Warrior Forum at the best place to do this.

Remember the easiest way to make money on the internet is to sell poor suckers like you or I, a non-existent way to make millions. If ripping people off is your thing you can make a lot of money doing this sort of thing but personally I prefer to earn my money honestly.

Take my advice and do the smart thing and avoid the money making schemes like you would the plague !!!

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