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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

When it comes to online business, affiliate marketing internet business programs are a rage! But to settle down successfully in affiliate marketing, we have to carry out a specific research about the kind of affiliate business program that will suit us best. But is there a real difference in the affiliate business programs? Is the payback the same in all the programs? Which are the best affiliate programs among all of them?

Online marketing is really divided into types and the primary classification of each program is Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Performance.

Pay-Per-Click: PPC is the most accepted form of online marketing and is the best option and an easy way to earn income for the small websites. In this type of marketing, the business enterprise will shell out money to the affiliate, each time he gets a visitor referred from him. This happens, when a layman clicks on the banners or other text ads. Even if the visitor does not buy anything from the website, the affiliate receives a payment.

Pay-Per-Performance: PPP is known to be the nicest kind of marketing online. Here, the merchant will only pay an affiliate, if his referral turns into action. That is, if the visitor becomes a lead or purchases anything from the website. This way, a merchant is saving on his direct marketing efforts. If you are a dedicated affiliate then PPP marketing will be the most rewarding to you. The commission in PPP affiliate marketing is 15% to 20% of the sales of the product. If the products are e-goods then the commission can be as high as 75% of the sales.

You can further divide Pay-Per-Performance affiliate marketing internet business programs into two types, Pay-Per-Sales and Pay-Per-Lead. Both these two types of affiliate marketing programs are very popular!

Pay-Per-Sales: In this kind of affiliate marketing, the merchants usually pay the affiliate agent fees, whenever a visitor he has referred has bought a product from the website. The agents are paid their commission frequently but some merchants also decide to pay them a fixed amount. The fees that an agent gets are higher than the pay per click programs.

Pay-Per-Lead: this is a type of affiliate marketing that is mostly utilized by the finance and insurance and other such companies. These are some companies who rely on lead growth. Here, an affiliate agent is paid only when the visitor offers to fill up the application form or other related document, which is in relation to the business of the company. The payments made in this type of affiliate marketing internet business programs are basically through fixed fees. Normally, the sales conversion rate is high in this pay per lead advertising, as the visitor here does not have to purchase a product. He will only have to fill in an application form.

An affiliate agent has to try various tactics and plans to see which will work best for him. After that he will have to concentrate on those methods of marketing, which will suit his internet business marketing the best!

Learn About the Classifications of Affiliate Marketing Internet Business Programs