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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Before we get into how you can earn more and pay less with a pay per click campaign, we need to know what pay per click is. Pay Per Click (pay-per-click) or PPC campaigns are an Internet advertising strategy of which the best known is Google AdWords.

300 million searches per day are performed on the major search engines and around 80% of Internet traffic is generated this way. In order for your site to be seen and clicked on frequently, you need to be near the top of the search list. Obviously everyone can't be at the top and those that are not, just fail to get the traffic.

With a pay per click campaign, you pay for your site to be shown as a 'sponsored search' at the top of the relevant search pages. You choose our keywords and key phrases about your website content, then choose how much you want to pay for someone to click on your link. The highest bidder wins. These ads are also shown on millions upon millions of websites in a revenue sharing venture between the search engines and website owners, who are paid a small commission on each click made from their sites.

Every single day millions of people click on the sponsored links and the advertiser is charged for that click. By participating in a pay per click campaign, you are potentially getting your site link displayed in front of millions of people. Those that are interested will click and visit your site, where you can urge them to take further action.

Pay per click can be a very cost effective way of advertising your site to the largest possible audience.

To create an effective pay per click campaign, consider these three simple tips.

Choose your keywords carefully

Use Google's own AdWords search tools to find good keywords relating to your niche. Particularly look for keywords with a reasonably high search per month, yet has lower advertising competition and has a low cost per click. These are search words that a lot of people will use, yet you won't have to pay a fortune to use.

Plan your ads well

Write a variety of similar ads for each keyword, changing only one thing slightly. This lets you measure and test what works the best. Try a variety of headlines and text and watch closely to see what to keep and what not to continue using. Try geographic regions, different demographics or times of day to see what works for your target audience.

Measure and test

This is the most important of all the parts in your pay per click advertising campaign. Test your ads carefully by following the ideas in the previous tip. Test every single part of every single pay per click ad and see what works and what does not. Make only slight changes at a time and test and retest them for their results. Over time you should see your results get better and better.

Follow the latest trends and see if there is a way to tie them into your pay per click advertising campaign.

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