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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi have collaborated for over a year and their new product is the first step by step training manual specifically designed to help network marketers dominate pay per click advertising. It is called Pay Per Click Domination for Network Marketers.

Yup, you’ve heard the horror stories of people losing their shorts with PPC advertising. However, very few of them have learned exactly how to dominate their market and capitalize on keywords. Remember the key to Google AdWords is to make more money than you spend on advertising. If you can earn more than you spend, I bet you will keep doing it over and over again. Right?

I’ve read the books from various guru’s on how to set up a Google AdWords campaign. The only problem was that not a single one of them are specific to network marketing. What is even more important is to watch how some of the great minds in network marketing set up their accounts, plan out their research and execute it. Jim will specifically teach you step by step exactly how to do this and you’ll even receive personal help if you ask.

Jim will teach you the following:

  • set up your account in 13 minutes
  • simple short cut that makes earning faster
  • how to legally rob the “branding power” of big names legally
  • 3 minute work day secret that Jim invented and successfully teaches to others
  • crash course on writing Google AdWords that trumps all professional copy writers
  • exactly where to send your visitors that most guru’s don’t teach
  • and the list can go on and on.

WARNING: pay per click domination the magnetic sponsoring way will take time and effort. Don’t think you can set up your account and put it on auto pilot in 13 minutes. You will be taught how to tweak your campaigns daily that will enable you to reach the levels you have dreamed about. Leads from Google are the most effective leads you will ever produce, but it takes effort to maximize your potential.

Do not even think about ordering this product unless you are committed to success. Work is mandatory and daily effort is critical. Once mastered you will be able to develop multiple income streams, however you need to give yourself time to master Google AdWords. Those who do, will benefit for a lifetime and those who review this material, put half effort into it, will be disappointed.

The top network marketers in any company do use tricks to help them sponsor more people than you. Google AdWords is the trick to internet success and magnetic sponsoring PPC Domination will get you there quicker than any training material I’ve ever read.

New Pay Per Click Domination Specifically Designed For Network Marketers