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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There are now more than 8 billion websites in the world, and users want information as quickly as possible; for that information they use search engines. When a user types a search term or phrase, they are returned the most relevant results to the search query entered. Optimizing Web Pages for search terms is the biggest challenge webmasters face today. Achieving top results can be a very difficult and time consuming process. But now, website owners have the opportunity to pay for targeted traffic using Paid Search Marketing.

Paid Search Marketing is definitively a thriving environment. In the US, like all over the world, paid search marketing is growing in a spectacular manner. It had a blistering growth rate last year and the expectations are to have unfathomable growth this year. Why is it so popular; because you can reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering.

When internet users are browsing on search engines, they enter a search term or phrase and are returned the search engine results. They generally find both paid and organic search results depending on the query. Paid results are displayed as Sponsored Links, usually located on the right hand or very top of the results pages. When the internet user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged per click, and prices can range from $ .05 to $ 50 and higher depending on the search term.

To obtain the best results, an ad must capture the users attention with relevant ad text to the search term. If someone sells laptops, the ad can contain something like “Compare Laptop Prices”, Shopping for laptops in online stores? Compare prices and buy! These targeted customers are searching for products with the keywords that they must find in the ad’s title or text. Ad’s need to portray to the user exactly what they will find when the ad is clicked.

Learning paid search marketing can be a bit overwhelming for first timers. Google and Yahoo have strict certification programs for marketers. Even Certified Marketers with a great deal of experience face challenges using this advertising method. Overall account performance needs to be monitored on a daily basis. Cost per click, click through rates, conversions to sales and sign ups need great attention to produce the highest return on investment from the advertisers ad spend. Advertisers have 24/7 access to detailed performance reports that help you track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Paid Search campaigns are 100% accountable and can provide the most effective advertising available for businesses of any size.

Most every industry can benefit from a paid search campaign. Search marketing is essential for large companies, but small business owners are fast becoming more and more interested in the benefits. When website owners learn of paid search marketing, they realize instant traffic to their websites. Paid Search Marketing helps you reach your marketing goals, regardless of your company size. The popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN each have their own unique system for paid search campaigns. These programs are changing very fast with new and exciting features almost daily.

Good SEO techniques will bring great results over the long term, but using paid search as a compliment to your natural search efforts can pay off big. Paid search will help the marketer to keep his website on top of results pages, and put your message in front of millions of potential customers or subscribers.

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