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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Choosing the right advertising medium can be an incredibly difficult and confusing process for those starting out an online business. There are many various advertising methods available, with the majority of them claiming to be the “magic key” to boosting your sales. It is important to remember to stay away from any company over-hyping their service and isn’t well known. There have been many cases where companies fail to deliver their promise and, in the most extreme situations, end up running away with the client’s money.

The most common question asked by webmasters is whether they should use pay per click advertising (PPC) for their business. PPC is the only proven method to successfully bring targeted visitors to your site and ultimately increase your sales. While other methods and techniques can result in a few conversions, they are not as effective as PPC advertising.

The best PPC programme is Google AdWords. As your ad can either be displayed alongside Google search result pages or on millions of websites, you are almost guaranteed to reach your target market, no matter how specific it may be. This is particularly important as almost all other advertising mediums will display your ad to a much wider and un-targeted audience, resulting in fewer clicks and a lower conversion rate.

PPC advertising can burn a huge hole in one’s advertising budget if it isn’t used correctly. There are many variables to consider, with keyword choice being the most important. Unless you have an almost limitless advertising budget, it is recommended to only target long-tail keywords for optimal results. While you won’t receive as many clicks as a popular one word keyword, your traffic will be extremely targeted and will cost much less per click.

Pay Per Click Advertising – Is It Right For My Business?