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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Is pay per click advertising better than search engine optimization? This is a fundamental but unvoiced argument going on the internet today, in which internet marketing gurus are having a hard time giving a clear cut answer to.

Pay per click advertising is when advisers use search engines to advertise their products. It is called pay per click because the advertiser’s total advertisement cost depends on the total number of clicks on his ads. This means that advertisers pay an amount every time someone clicks on their ads. The main pay per click advertising media on the internet today is Google with Google AdWords. You also have Yahoo with Yahoo Search Engine Marketing, and MSN.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for its part is a process where by, webmasters efficiently optimize their WebPages, so that their websites could rank high on the search results pages of the main search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. This type of search result is called natural or organic search results. Ranking high in the organic search results for a popular and profitable keyword is the dream of every advertiser or webmaster.

On all search queries performed on Google, Google returns the search results on a search result page. A typical Google search result page has 2 sections. One of them is the result for the natural or organic search which appears on your left hand side. The other section of the result page is called the sponsored links, which appear on your right hand side. Now the million dollar question here is: which side of the search results do you want your website to appear? Organic search results or the sponsored links search results.

Just as there are always 2 sides to every story, there are always advantages and disadvantages linked with everything. Search engine optimization versus pay per click advertising is not an exception. There are good and bad sites of both methods. There are people for and against search engine optimization, as well as people for and against pay per click advertising.

Most people would quickly jump to the conclusion that search engine optimization is better since it is free. That could be true, but don’t capitalize on that until you hear and learn some of the drawbacks of search engine optimization (organic search results) and some of the advantages of pay per click advertising. (Sponsored links search results).

I have outlined below 4 advantages of pay per click advertising

1-Pay per click advertising is more targeted. The user clicking on your ad under the sponsored links section knows that you are trying to sell something. So there are more ready to buy what you may offer, provided the offer is interesting to them.

2-The second and the most important advantage of pay per click advertising is the time factor. Within minutes of setting up your AdWords account, you will start getting clicks to your website. You don’t need to perform some SEO magical algorithm and wait for ages for Google to index your page and then try to rank high.

3-Mysterious Targeting. With pay per click advertising you can accurately monitor the exact keywords that convert into buying customers. If you have this valuable information, you can then optimize your campaign by paying only for such keywords.

4-Pay per click is a great Money-Making device. Ok, imagine this: what would be your answer to this question? “Is advertising expensive?” if you say “yes”, then you need to think again. If you say “it depends”, then you are bright. Most people usually say advertising is expensive. Come to think of it, if you could spend a dollar today to make two dollars tomorrow, would you go in for it? Of course you would. That’s precisely how a well optimized pay per click campaign works. So next time someone ask you if advertising is expensive or not, tell her that it depends if that advertising is profitable or not. Advertising becomes very cheap if it is profitable.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Versus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 4 Advantages of PPC