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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

The Pay Per Click advertising or in short, the PPC, is a comparably far quicker mode to drive heavy traffic to your site than the other contemporary internet marketing procedures. If this is your first encounter with this form of advertising, let me tell you, it is not at all an alien’s trick, nor is it any shortcut to reach to fame. Albeit, the PPC advertising sprouts fruitful results only as a result of dedicated campaign being executed by experienced professionals.

The location of PPC Ad

Almost all of you must have carried out the Google search to look out for your desired information, so do I. This time when you do a similar search, just observe the ads on the top or on the right hand side of the search page, under the ‘Sponsored Ads’ or ‘Ads’ heading. You will find few ads there with respective titles, followed by to-the-point content about that advert in a line or two. No rewards for guessing, these are the Pay Per Click ads.

Why so fuss about PPC ads?

I know, you must definitely be wondering as to why am I going on discussing about this advertising strategy without citing its significance. Well! You would be amazed to know that even an enormous website with uncountable pages would be less to talk about its importance in the world of online marketing. Still, I have attempted to summarize its importance in brief through these points:

  • PPC advertising is much productive than the traditional SEO campaign
  • It sets you free from toying with the idea of keyword stuffed content
  • It ensures the certainty of the display of your ads with the search of a related keyword or phrase
  • You need to pay only for the clicks made on your ads and not for displaying the ads
  • You can post the ad on the host site as per your decided duration
  • You have the liberty to increase or decrease the PPC ad campaign duration depending on the outcomes

In the next edition of this PPC series of my blog, I will discuss about some more effectual tips regarding a prosperous PPC ad campaign, so be in touch.

Pay Per Click Advertising: The Road to Exponential Growth for Your Online Business – I