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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Now that you have your business online with a website, you want to try and draw as many people to it as possible. Of course, one of the most effective ways to do this is through advertising. With the technological advancements of today on the computer, there are a myriad of ways for you to effectively advertise your website. Social media has become a dominant force in the computer world today, with millions upon millions of people using it. This makes it an ideal forum to get your message out there. You most likely want to explore pay per click and Facebook advertising as a method to promote your business.

In today's market, if you have a website for your business then it is almost a necessity to have a Facebook page for your business. The Facebook page can be a vital tool to help drive people to your site. You can use it to promote products, special sales, contests and more. Having it show pictures of various products that link directly back to your site can be a great promotional tool to bring attention to your business.

Facebook also offers a method of advertising known as pay per click. This gives you the opportunity to advertise your business on Facebook. Of course there is a cost structure involved in this to you, which is where the pay per click comes in.

Using this method for advertising, you only charged for the ad when someone actually clicks on it to open it up. The advertisement you create is shown relative to the number of other ads in the category you are in and the size of the budget you have allotted for your ads.

You can also use a different pay option for these Facebook ads, called cost per impression, or CPM. With this option you pay a set rate for one thousand impressions, whether you get that many clicks on your ad or not. Which method you choose really depends on the effectiveness of the advertising that you do.

If you find you are getting a lot of business off of your clicks, you may want to opt for a CPM because it will be worthwhile to you financially. If you find that you are not getting to that one thousand threshold, however, it can up being money not very wisely spent from your advertising budget.

If you opt for the pay per click method, it may be cheaper for you at the outset. The risk you take is that you may get fewer visitors to your site with an ad that has a lower rate of appearance. This can result in fewer people coming to your site for business, but you will not spend as much money on advertising.

Deciding about pay per click and Facebook advertising can be a critical point for your website business. You want to be sure you take the best approach. It can not only affect your budget, but in the end it can have an impact on your business' bottom line.

Pay Per Click and Facebook Advertising