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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Managing your online marketing budget as a lawyer or law firm can be a challenge. There are countless decisions to be made, and you are competing for very valuable interest. One client could mean thousands or hundreds of thousands in revenue to the firm. That means that other firms are paying top dollar to be seen on the front page of the ad search results. Is there anything you can do?

Yes! You can be better than the competition. The sad truth about law firms and most business when it comes to marketing online is that they try to do it for themselves. Someone in the office says "We should be marketing online, lets try AdSense." Everyone says its a great idea and they give it a shot. The problem is, it isn't that easy. Here is why.

Would you ever even consider telling a client to represent themselves in a court of law? Of course not. Forget about the fact the your law firm would not get paid and focus simply on the fact that they do not know what they are doing. When they go up against an experienced prosecutor, they do not stand a chance. Even a Neurosurgeon, as smart as they are, does not have the necessary skills or experience to compete in the at realm.

What your firm should be doing is getting an expert in the field of PPC to manage the campaign for you. The reason is the same reason a PPC expert should hire a lawyer for law advice. PPC marketers spend years honing their skills to stay competitive. Most likely you are competing against them right now if you are advertising online, and you are at a huge disadvantage. Normally a good PPC management firm would charge 15% of your marketing budget + an hourly rate to do the the testing, tweaking, and research. This is not set in stone and is merely an industry average of sorts. Often times other arrangements are made.

A good PPC expert can more than make up for the 15% budget fee. This is because they know what keywords to target, and which ones not to. They also know how to get higher in the rankings without paying more. They also know how to attract only those customers that you want to click on the ads.

This translates in to higher conversions per clicks, and only paying for the clicks that are getting conversions. Sounds like a good thing right. Because it is. A very good thing. Imagine what would happen if you were spending $ 5000 a month in PPC advertising online, and you could increase your conversion from getting leads from 10 clients a month, to getting leads from 20 clients per month. That is huge.

That means that you can pay more for successful clicks, and possible even increase your advertising budget because it is so successful. Below are several of the most important factors that effect PPC campaigns. If you are outsourcing to a firm or specialist, they should know these facts inside and out.

Optimizing your landing pages for the keywords you are targeting is extremely important. If you are targeting clients for emergency room malpractice, you want to point them to a page on your site specifically about malpractice law and not your main page. The more specific and relevant you can get the page the better.

Testing is crucial to the long term success of a PPC campaign. Almost no campaign is successful right off the back. You have to test parameters against one another to see what is effective and what isn't. It is different every time. In general a PPC campaign should become more and more successful as time goes by.

Analytics are one of, if not the most important factors in PPC marketing. You need to be able to see where you sign ups are coming from. Without analytics, 1000 people could click on an ad from a keyword you were bidding on and you would not know whether anyone signed up or not. Analytics is what let you know which keywords to bid more on, and which to stop bidding on all together.

Keyword research is how you determine which keywords to target in the first place. If you do proper keyword research before you even begin an internet marketing campaign, your success rate compared to not doing the research will be astronomical. It is the foundation of all internet marketing.

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