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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

We all know that affiliate marketing has been the most used method to make a lot of money online, we have heard and read stories about super affiliates that make insane amounts of cash every month. Maybe many of us have tried it without having any success at all, at times most of us get the thought that all those stories are lies built to market a product or something like that.

The truth is that there are a lot of persons within the affiliate marketing world that really are super affiliates, people that make huge amounts of money through many of the programs that they have joined. How can it be? You may be asking yourself that question, because maybe it’s been as hard for you as it was for me to generate sales from affiliate programs, getting a sale is very hard. That is why I am writing this article, because many people have overlooked the potential of CPA affiliate marketing, a lot of people may have heard about CPA but they don’t know how it works and that is why they don’t get interested and don’t even try it out.

Through some of the affiliate programs or most of them you have to promote products or services through your website or blog, if you generate a sale from your site or send a buying customer to the companies websites you will get a commission, we all know this, but as we know making that sale is very hard. There is another way to make money through affiliate programs, and that money is made through CPA offers from your website or blog, people have to complete some actions like filling out a form, entering a zip code, or more complicated tasks like filling out longer forms and then buying a product or service, of course this much longer paid offers will provide the affiliate which a much higher payout, but they all pay and they all pay well.

CPA means cost per action, this is lead generation all you have to do is generate leads and get paid. CPA offers usually convert better because most of the offers do not require people buying anything, they only have to fill out stuff. And every time they fill out something you will get paid good money. This is a great way to start a web business at home, or to monetize your already existing website, it will have a higher conversion percentage.

So the point is that if you want to make money online remember to use this method it will do so much good for your business, if you have ever had success with affiliate marketing through sales, then go and check out CPA managers like or any other great program and see which offers can be thrown in to your sites according to your topic or niche.

Pay per lead vs. pay per sale, I’d have to say CPA easier conversion!

Pay Per Lead Vs Pay Per Sale