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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There are several ways of online advertising. One of the most important methods has been Pay Per Click (PPC) method. Under Pay Per Click, advertisers pay for hits to their web URLs. In this method, one has to buy traffic from big search engines.

Google’s AdWords and Yahoo’s PPc have been two major PayPer Click programs. In this, advertiser’s little advertisements are placed side by side the search results. The main objective of advertisers is to attract traffic to their web sites. PPC has produced mixed results over the past.

Pay Per Click method generates targeted traffic to any web site. Affiliates have reportedly been relying a great deal n promotion of businesses by PPC. PPC is the easiest paid method of generating traffic instantly. Along with paid ones, there are many free resources also for advertising. In short, in PPC one buys traffic from the market.

Of late, we have been seeing a new trend called blogvertising. This means advertising through blogs. This method is popularly known as Pay Per Post. In this, advertisers pay bloggers per post for writing about their products in their blogs. PayPerPost appears to have had a substantial impact on Pay Per Post blogging. It is a platform for bloggers, wanting to profit from blogs, and advertisers, using blogs for advertising their products. This is popularly known as blogvertising.

PayPerPost has a large following of both the advertisers and bloggers. Blogvertisers are known to have been substantially benefited and so have been many bloggers. One blogger in Vancouver is known to be charging as much as $300 in his blog for a single review and he is making about $2,500 alone from blogvertising.

Advertisers use bloggers for raising their popularity and credibility with search engines by increased traffic, reviews and links.PayPerPost has an excellent program in blogvertsing. The company has succeeded to a large extent in matching preferences of advertisers and bloggers and benefited them greatly.

PayPerPost has the risk of undesired blogging and not so genuine reviews. This is because many advertisers look for only positive reviews. On the other hand, a review has to be unbiased and based on actual merits of a product or service.Blogvertisers may influence these reviews. If so, bloggers may lose their loyal readers if their reviews are not unbiased and trustworthy.

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