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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

You've heard how great pay per click search engine advertising is. But what has your experience been so far?

Pay per click advertising is the most targeted advertising you can do online. It is fast and the direct link to your customers. Never before have you been able to actually reach the customer who just told you exactly what they are looking for. This is very powerful, but is it is not easy to jump into.

There are a lot of mistakes people can make, especially with Google ad words and Yahoo search marketing. There are tricks to get your ads shown, and they are tricks to get lower costs. You need to learn these tricks as fast as possible. Or you will blow your budget, quickly.

One of the major mistakes people make when they start pay per click advertising is focusing on selling a product. The people who get the most success with pay per click do not sell products they use this traffic to build their list and get people to opt in.

It is so much easier to get a subscriber than it is to get a sale.

Don't make the mistake of sending your paid for visitor to a sales pitch, people are looking for information. Not a product in most cases. Give them what they are looking for, and they will be happy.

You are not trying to generate traffic to your website. Instead, you are trying to generate more leads for your business. Using pay per click as a lead generator is more effective and will pay off.

That is why Google AdWords has a quality score, which affects your cost per click and how often your ad is shown. The key is to get your quality score to "great". And the way to do that is to make sure where people land after clicking is a quality content rich location. Make sure that your keyword is mentioned on that page several times as well as other related keywords and your quality score will go up.

The people who make money on Google ad words have learned this system and don't send people to a squeeze page with no content. If you are using a squeeze page there are several tricks to add content invisibly so your visitor will not be distracted. But Google will like your page and give you high quality score. Many people had a link to their site map of other pages, but the link is one of the images on the page. Not a visible clickable link.

But I have found that it is better to have actual content for the visitor too.

Have your list of links at the bottom of the page that actually gives people links to more information, quality information, as well as more opportunities to subscribe to your opt-in list. This will capture the attention of the information seekers. As well as the search engines.

So it's important to stop trying to make the sale and give people great information. You will still get optins subscribers. If you have a great offer such as a free report or Ecourse.

It's been tested and the more information you give away free, the longer people will stay on your site and the better opportunity you will have to capture their attention. What you are doing is building a relationship through your website. Simply by giving them more information.

You can very easily get hundreds of subscribers using pay per click this way. Instead of rushing them to a sales page. Every subscriber is worth a certain amount of money in the future and pay per click is a great way to collect subscribers.

If you start collecting leads instead of sales. The long-term value will be much higher, and you will see your pay per click efforts really pay off.

Here are some great ways to gather opt ins:

Free giveaways.




Newsletters and free reports.

Make sure your opt in box is easy to see and the value of your promo is clearly evident on every page of your website. It is important to keep the sign-up form in front of people. Ensure one form is above the fold, and another is at the bottom of each page. You have to sell the free stuff as much as you sell a product. People value their privacy and will only give up their e-mail address for a great reason.

Make sure your special offer is appealing. You want them to actually feel like they'd be missing out if they don't get it. It is very important that the offer be directly related to the search term or keyword that they came in on from Google.

Starting on pay per click. It is normally best if you bid high the first day to get a great click through rate for better cost per click later. Try to keep your click through rate above 2%, if it drops below that raise your bid.

Collecting subscribers with pay per click advertising is a very cost effective method. Don't be afraid to spend one or two dollars per click. It will be worth it. Later.

The bottom line with pay per click advertising in 2008 is to make sure and collect leads. Instead of trying to grab a sale immediately. You will be able to contact your list over and over again for years and possibly sell them 10 products.

For more information about pay per click. I would suggest getting Perry Marshall's book and continuing to read all you can on PPC advertising methods.

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