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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

If your average Joe looks into making money online, it’s pretty likely their initial investigations will have them stumble across the Rich Jerk. After that groundbreaking ebook was released, there was a plethora of copycat sites.

One of the latest examples is the Profit Brat system by Nathan Stark. It has the usual OTT heading of “$10,000k p.a. In 90 days set yourself up fast!”.

Is Profit Brat just another poor Rich Jerk rip-off? Or does it have something fresh to offer? Does it even deliver? Here are my thoughts on it…

Profit Brat is actually a four part course containing four mini eBooks. The idea behind this is that each book builds on previous success in order to increase profits and long-term profit viability.

The first ebook in the Profit Brat collection is called “The 3 Profit Generators”. This ebook really acts as an overview for the other three in the collection. It may well get you hyped up about what’s to come, but frankly I found it a waste of time.

The second ebook in the Profit Brat library is called “Affiliate Millionaire” and is probably the pick of the bunch. Stark provides a very simple formula to making substantial passive income cash through free affiliate marketing methods. Be warned, however, that the method Stark describes is very original and effective, but requires a lot of writing. If you struggle to write, or are honest enough to admit you couldn’t put aside a couple of hours each day to dedicate to writing, then skip the product. If you can’t make money with this method, then it renders the other two eBooks in the Profit Brat collection redundant, as each book is meant to build upon the last.

The third ebook is called “Pay Per Click Magnate” and is based around using the likes of Google AdWords to generate your next level of cash. This ebook is passable, and has some fresh ideas, but ultimately there are much better eBooks available that deal with PPC in much greater depth.

The fourth and final ebook is called “Website Wealth”. In a nutshell, this ebook suggests creating an in-depth content website to provide you with passive wealth for years to come. Understand that such a website would be based on a lot of outsourcing, and the funds to provide those services would be raised from the endeavours of the earlier eBooks in the collection. Once again, the text provides plenty of fresh ideas, but definitely lacks in applicable step-by-step, hold-your-hand instruction.

Overall, Profit Brat provides a very uneven experience. I think the second ebook on affiliate marketing is excellent and well worth obtaining. The other three eBooks I can take or leave, but there are enough original ideas contained within them for you to pursue, experiment and refine. It is certainly more than a poor man’s Rich Jerk – indeed, I would argue that it is superior.

Profit Brat – Just another Rich Jerk Rip-Off?