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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

AS a SEM Expert, I have personally seen many clients investing their huge sum in Search Engine Optimization and PPC campaigns. To my surprise, these companies survived very a year or two.

I was curious to know, why these clients have lost their businesses. So, I started studying their business and the campaigns they conducted to increase there businesses.

I started with personal interaction with these clients. I asked them, what was the reason for the business failure? And they told me only one thing "High Investments and low Returns".

This is a normal phenomenon to lose business and this happens because people are not very experienced with the Search Engine Market. When, I personally studied their businesses and matched keywords, I found that the keywords are common. The search results for the keywords are very high! But what is the conversation ratio of the keywords?

So, I am personally asking all of you who are reading this article.

Are you facing the same problem? Then, you are in the right place to solve your problem.

Case 1: High Impressions and High CTR but Low Conversions Ratio

For Instance take "SEO" as a search term. The Searches for the keyword are very high. The websites listed for the particular keyword receives thousands of Impressions and Clicks, but what is the conversation ratio?

The conversation ratio for the particular keyword is very very less, when compared to Impression and Clicks.

WHY ??

"SEO" is commonly used keyword, and this keyword may be used by a user to find out information about SEO, or to have an update about SEO information and tools, or to find out the best SEO Company that provides SEO Services, etc. …

The impressions for the keyword are very high and the Clicks are comparatively lower. Client investing money in PPC campaign will lose much of its revenue because of Clicks.

If the client needs to pay only for the revenue generated for the particular keyword, then every thing will be in place. But as per the policy they need to pay for the Clicks. So, identifying the type of campaign is the primary task.

Classification of Campaigns:

  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Marketing

    Before starting a campaign, clearly focus on the type of campaign you want to handle

  • If it is just to advertise your company or products (Advertising Campaign)
  • If it is it just to promote your business or products (Promotion Campaign)
  • If it is just to sell and market your products or services (Marketing Campaign)
  • Based on the above-mentioned 3 campaigns focus on the keywords varies, and requires special skill and analysis.

    Case 2: High Impressions but Low CTR and Low Conversations Ratio

    In the second case, I have noticed, very high impressions for particular keywords but low Click Trough Rate and a very low Conversation ratio.

    The concept is general for commonly used keywords.

    This happens when a web user, who is looking for "SEO" information, visits the website. But, when he finds information relating to the SEO Services, he just skips the website.

    So being specific, in choosing the keywords is the key to conversion.

    Before you start a Campaign focus on the goals of your business and plan accordingly to maximize your profits.

    * When you plan to invest $ 1 in SEM believe in $ 1000 Returns.

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