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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Did you know that there are affiliates who effortlessly earn a six figure income every month without fail from a single program, or from various different affiliate programs?

These super affiliates naturally have some secrets that they use to enable them to get to that enviable position. Meaning that if an affiliate was to carefully study what a successful affiliate usually does and then apply it to their own affiliate programs chances are that they will see excellent results in their business and a super income.

One of the things that a super affiliate will NOT do is to commit themselves to promoting any affiliate program without fully testing it first. What does testing involve and why is it so important? The most important aspect of testing is to establish what kind of conversion rate the affiliate can manage. In other words it is very important to find out how much traffic you need to send to your affiliate program site to yield a single sale. With this kind of information the affiliate will be able to establish how much money they can make from the program with the kind of traffic that they are capable of generating to their affiliate site.

You see a super affiliate’s time is way too valuable for them to waste working on some new affiliate program on speculation only to discover after a couple of weeks that it is a dud. This should also be a useful tip for an online entrepreneur who is just starting out. In fact many new affiliates fail because they choose the wrong inappropriate affiliate programs.

The way to test an affiliate program is to carefully track your visitors as you drive all your traffic to the affiliate site until you are able to make at least two sales. You should then do a through review to see how many visitors on average it takes you to make a single sale. That is your conversion rate statistic that is invaluable to any affiliate marketer.

The other secret that separates affiliate program super stars from other ordinary affiliates is an ability to generate high traffic. This can either be through the use of keyword-rich articles, paid ppc (pay per click) advertisements. Whatever method the super affiliate uses, they will usually already be experts at it and are therefore able to generate huge volumes of traffic. This traffic has to be highly targeted to have a good conversion rate and thus yield the desired results.

Secrets From Affiliate Program Superstars