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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There are many web sites on the Internet that support themselves in their entirety with income from Google Adsense. Here are some tips to help your web site pay for itself and make a profit for you as well.

First of all choose one topic to write about per web page and sprinkle them with a few intelligently placed keywords and keyword targeted phrases. This should attract the search end and bring your site a higher click through rate. Be sure to put these keywords and keyword phrases into your copy in a way that they make sense to human readers. Don’t just use keyword phrases for the sake of attracting search engine bots.

Make sure that people can see your ad. Make sure the ad stands out on its own by having lots of space around its perimeters. You can also customize these ads with color to make them stand out more without ruining the look of your site.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ad placements. You can have a vertical up and down tower or you can get a horizontal row of ads. Over time you might discover that people might be more likely to click on your ads in one place or another.

If you match your content to popular keywords then this will also help your click-through rate. This is where your talent for search engine optimizing content can come in handy. Keyword optimized content can also make the content that is displayed look more relevant so if you are posting articles try to make them jive with the kinds of ads that are coming up as the result of your chosen keywords.

Just by taking the few steps outlined above you should be able to substantially maximize your website so that it starts earning more profits.

SEO – How To Increase Google Ad Sense Earnings