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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

The last two years has seen the explosion of social media and social Networking. As a result there has been an increased use of online advertising as more people are attracted to Internet advertising. Google advertising is currently the kingpin of social marketing and business advertising. However, Facebook advertising is growing in popularity and hence it is important to understand how to run a Facebook ads report to help you analyse your advertising campaign. In this article I will briefly describe the three report types available on the “reports link” of your Facebook ads manager – these are advertising performance, responder demographics and responder profiles.

Report Type 1 – Advertising Performance

When you click on your reports link in your ads manager you will be presented a choice of the three reports I have already named above. The advertising report performance report is very useful because it includes valuable data like impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate (CTR) and spend. By running this report you will be able to determine the number of different users who clicked to view your ad. Another useful feature of the advertising performance report is that it counts statistics for ads with “social actions” attached. Facebook creates specific Facebook-specific social action. This action can be seen in how users manage their social information, communicate, gather and share information.

Report Type 2 – Responder Demographics

This second report provides you with valuable data on the different kinds of users clicking on your pay per click campaigns. The demographic column provides you with information on the age, gender, country and region of users who viewed your campaign. This report will provide you with information on the number of unique clicks you got from people in a particular area or region. Demographic data is very useful because it enables you to easily find groups of people with a particular characteristic you are interested in collecting more relevant information for further analysis. An example is where you are offering a fitness product for women. You can use the demographic data to find out regions that have a predominantly female population. Further analysis could then be based on the hobbies of the female population in that particular region.

Report Type 3 – Responder Profiles

This third report provides you with valuable data about the types of users who clicked on your campaigns based on the interests they have listed in their personal Facebook profiles. You can gain valuable information on users buying interests such as their favourite books, music, TV shows and rank. You can make use of this information by sending your users Cost Per Action (CPA) offers relating to their favourite films, books, music and travel interests. This could be a good source of residual income.

It is very important to analyse your Facebook campaigns. They are very easy to run and will save you the advertising costs of using an expensive advertising agency.

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