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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

As a long-time PPC affiliate marketer, I am always on the lookout for tools and methods that will help me keep a competitive edge. Recently I learned of SpeedPPC, a software program and system claiming to 'revolutionize' Pay Per Click affiliate marketing. I hear similar claims on a daily basis, but decided to take a look.

Let me say at the outset, I'm a skeptic. Having been in this business for more than 5 years, I've developed my own 'hype detector'. I've also learned there are no “magic bullets”. Successful affiliate marketing requires understanding and intelligent application of effective tactics.

Let me also say, SpeedPPC is clearly NOT a 'beginners' tool. SpeedPPC is however, an incredibly powerful affiliate marketing tool in the right hands. When I first saw the sales material I was not all that moved. The site has a slickly-produced video, which usually turns me off. Too often 'slickness' is a means of propping up an otherwise mediocre product.

It actually took me to read through the entire site to 'get' what the program actually did and was intended for. At first glance, it seemed to be a program for 'automating' the process of banging out a zillion PPC campaigns. I would bet the majority of people who watched the video and glanced through the site came away with the same impression. That misses the point entirely, and I think the company would be better served by stating clearly the basic 'purpose' of the program.

One thing that did catch my eye were the 'disclaimers' peppered throughout the site – the reality is that SpeedPPC is for those just starting out with PPC. Using the program and taking advantage of it's capabilities requires at the least a basic understanding of the mechanics of Adwords: adgroups, Quality Score, and "destination URL".

A hypothetical scenario will illustrate the dilemma every PPC marketer faces, and how software like SpeedPPC might address the problem:

I sign up as an affiliate for and decide to create an ad to promote one of their audio books. I create a single ad with the book name I want to promote in the ad title. For that ad, I bid on only one keyword, that same book title. The destination URL of that ad goes to a custom landing page that has the book title in the meta tags for page title, description, and keyword. The text of landing page begins with the book title and mentions it throughout.

The result is a “dream campaign”, an ad campaign with the highest possible Quality Score, the lowest possible Cost per Click (CPC), and the highest sale conversion possible.

The problem is, it took me a long time, far too long to even consider scaling it up or doing it on any kind of larger profitable basis. While this level of tight coupling between adgroup, ad, keyword, and landing page enable the marketer to create the most tightly focused ad and receive Google's lowest CPC, customizing an ad campaign at that level is so time consuming that it is impractical on any worthwhile scale.

Now I switch to SpeedPPC: I create two ad templates, perhaps one with the book title in the headline and the author in the ad body, and one the other way around, with the author's name in the headline, and the book title in the body. Next, I get's datafeed. I decide I am going to promote 1000 audio books, the 200 top bestsellers from each of the past 5 years.

In about 20 minutes, SpeedPPC has created 2000 individual adgroups, 1000 adgroups containing the ad for title / author, and 1000 for author / title. Each adgroup contains one keyword, the bestseller title for that ad. The ad itself has the title in the display URL, and a unique destination URL.

The destination URL brings up a dynamically created custom landing page with that ad's bestseller title embedded in the meta tags and text of the page, which then deep-links to the specific product page within

Now you begin to see the customization that a program like SpeedPPC [] can give you. When that level of campaign customization becomes possible, you naturally start considering where else you can apply it to. Among the things that came to my mind almost immediately:

  • Matching US city names with a dating offer “San Diego Dating”;
  • Matching printer make & model # 's with a printer supplies offer “HP 100C Toner Sale”;
  • Matching the 1000 most popular bands with a music-subscription offer “Britney Spears New CD”

This possibilities are endless.

It's worth watching the video on the SpeedPPC web site [], but in order to get a good grasp of the program, you should read through the case study examples on their site. If you are serious about doing PPC on more than a casual level, SpeedPPC is definitely worth checking out.

SpeedPPC – A Powerful PPC Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing System?