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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

When You’ve decided what kind of Online Business You’re going to start it’s important to understand the costs that are going to be involved.

I Intend to deal with the main ones that I’ve personally encountered.

1. Website.

The first and foremost cost is going to be development of the web-page which You’re going to be selling Your product from. If You’re able to do the programming Yourself then Your smile at the moment should be about as big as…well…Texas. You’ve just saved Yourself about a thousand dollars.

If You can’t program then that means You’re going to have to hire a coder. If You’ve got large amounts of cash to spend then find a reputable local Web-Development Company. Always remember to check their portfolio, meet the head of the company and the programmer You’ll be working with for a consultation.

If you’re looking to spend less then is a great resource. I wouldn’t recommend craigslist but that is only due to my personal preference.

Another option is to go to Your Local University or College and speak to lecturers asking them if they could suggest one of their students for the job. You’ll be helping a person who’ll soon be ‘entering the world’ to have a portfolio they can present to potential clients or employers and they’ll be more willing to work on a smaller budget.

2. Web-Hosting.

After the website is made You’re going to have to host it somewhere. At this point the number of Web-hosting companies is collossal (and that’s a modest expression for the number) so sifting through them might take a while.

The most important things to consider are Your Own Personal Business needs. Examples of this would be; How much space do I need? How many visitors can I realistically expect to have? How long do I expect to stay with the same company? How much am I comfortable paying?

Also if You’re able to afford paying for a whole year up-front it would actually be better in the long-run as You won’t have bill payments nagging You and there is in 90% of situations a considerable discount.

3. Advertising.

I personally began to cringe at this point simply because advertising in most people’s minds is something that Large Companies or Corporations do.

The truth of the matter is that these days there are multiple methods of advertising that You can start using for less than a hundred dollars. Since we’re talking about Online Business You can start an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign for $50. My first Facebook pay-per-click campaign was for $20.81 (yes I still remember the exact amount).

So set aside what You can, do a little re-search in to how to put together one of these campaigns & give it a whirl.

A final word of advice is to pace Yourself. If You’ve got a set amount set aside for advertising space it out over a couple of campaigns as You orient Yourself to how it all works. ‘Betting it All On One Hand’ is fantastic in under-dog movies but doesn’t work all that well when Your advertising budget is on the line.

4. Running Costs.

Your Business is up and running, You’re making money & the smiles are stretching wide as the horizon but how much is it costing You?

Always remember that when money comes in it’s not there to spend on Your first diamond necklace. Re-investment should be considered as well as keeping the advertising that is producing the wonderful results going.

5. Taxes.

Since these vary from Country to Country I’d advise speaking to a tax consultant but do speak to that consultant. Online Businesses in most Countries fall into a slightly gray area as new tax-codes are having to be developed to deal with this relatively new kind of income but in others especially the United States the tax man is most definitely ‘on the ball’ about Online Businesses.

Hope this Article Proves Helpful & Here’s Me Wishing You All the Success in the World.

Starting Your Own Online Business – The Costs