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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

In 2000 Google launched their advertising platform and from it’s very inception it was a resounding success. Today, Google’s advertising network is the biggest in the world and Google’s main form of revenue. You only have to take a quick glimpse at Google’s share price to see just how successful AdWords and AdSense really is. Although Google are making a lot of money from this, they are providing an amazing opportunity for virtually anyone to advertise on a shoestring budget and reach an audience that was previously virtually inaccessible.

It wasn’t long before creative entrepreneurs and internet marketers got their claws into some of the AdSense AdWords Google secrets and started cashing in with various strategies. Ever since Google launched their advertising network, marketers are consistently coming up with new and exciting ways to cash in with Google advertising. So, how can you use it and what is this ‘secret’ that can make you rich?

Essentially, there are two ways of making money from Google. With AdSense you can ‘sell’ advertising space on your website and many entrepreneurs build website exclusively for this purpose (commonly referred to as AdSense Sites). Every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads you get paid. Although you only get paid a couple of cents a click, it soon ads up and if you can make $200 a month with one of these websites, imagine what you can do with 20 of them.

The second way to make money from Google is to buy advertising space and to sell either your own, or someone else’s products (and earn affiliate commission). The ingenious part of Google’s Adsense-Adwords program is that everything is based on keywords and your ad placements are determined through a bidding system. Consequently, your advertising cost and revenue will be determined by your choice in keywords and herein lies the AdSense Adswords Google secret that can earn you a fortune.

Not all keywords were created equal. With some keywords you can get paid as much as $100.00 for a single click, while with others you only get paid $0.10. Since traffic is the most valuable commodity on the internet, you have to make the most of it and the more traffic you get, the more clicks you are likely to command. Each click is worth money and the more you can get for a click the more money you will make.

The key then to making money from Google is to sell advertising space on your website and to get paid every time someone clicks on your AdSense ads. The ingenious part however is to tap into an age old business concept – buy cheap and sell for a profit. Since you can buy traffic through AdWords you can drive it to your website where you sell it with Adsense. Since keywords vary in price you can buy cheap traffic, drive it to your site and sell it for a profit with ‘expensive’ keywords.

The main reason why this system is so effective is that it takes very little time to build one of these AdSense website. Since you are not really interested in search engine traffic you can put these sites together in no time and with software like Hyper VRE it can create AdSense optimized websites for you, complete with your AdSense codes and everything, without you lifting a finger. All that you have to do then is to get traffic to your site. Now, you can go through the trouble of actively promoting your site, or you can just set up an AdWords campaign that will start driving traffic to your site in as little as 15 minutes. After a couple of days of tweaking you can pretty much leave it to run on autopilot.

This AdSense AdWords Google secret is not really ‘groundbreaking’ anymore, but there is still a lot of money to be made with it. Not only is it still one of the easiest ways to make money online, but requires very little experience or technical knowledge. The ideal solution for someone wanting to make money online and who hasn’t got a lot of time or skill.

The Adsense Adwords Google Secret That Can Make You Rich