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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

A Google AdWords Ad has four lines:

Line 1: Keyword-rich benefit headline

Before we talk about how to write a great Google Ad, let’s just go back to basics and get inside the head of someone who is using the Google Search Engine.

Picture this … your website visitor is interested in finding something on the Internet so they type some keywords into the search engine. Up comes a search engine results page with a list of websites that matched their search terms.

Now, before we go any further let’s look inside the mind of the website visitor.

They have a problem or need.

They think “Aha, I’ll go and find out the answer to that on the net.”

They point their browser to and they think, ‘Mmmm … what should I type in the search box?’

Chances are, the keywords they type in are the actual item or items they’re looking for. So – let’s say they were looking for something to fix their eczema problem.

What do they type into the search engine?

Maybe they type “eczema treatment”. They press submit and they wait for the search results.

The search results come up and the website visitor scans the listing of results and while she’s doing that, she thinks to herself, ‘Mmm… eczema treatment, eczema treatment, eczema treatment.

Where can I find eczema treatment?’

So what is the best keyword or keywords to put in the headline of your Google Ad?

Yes, you got it – “eczema treatment”. The reason why this is so powerful is because it’s flagging down your reader. The headline is voicing what they are thinking.

For instance:

Eczema Treatment

Eczema Fixed Now

Eczema gone in 2 days!

Here’s another tip – capitalize the first letter of each word in the headline.

“Eczema cured in days” vs “Eczema Cured In Days”

See the difference?

Capitalizing the first letter of each word attracts more attention to the letters within the headline (which is obviously very important when you’re competing with a whole bunch of other ads as well as organic search engine listings).

Great! So you have a strong headline. The next information to include is as many action words as possible, to drive them to your website.

Unfortunately there is no space for “how to” headlines or anything cute or catchy. About all you can do is mention the keyword with one or two action words surrounding it.

Line 2: Clear Benefit and Command

Eczema Cured in 2 Days!

Itching and Redness Gone. Try it

Line 3: Features and specifics

Eczema Cured in 2 Days!

Itching and Redness Gone. Try it

FREE. Permanent Results. No Drugs.

Line 4: Website Address (URL)

Always feature the URL in upper and lower case to make it stand out. and not

Eczema Cured in 2 Days!

Itching and Redness Gone. Try it

FREE. Permanent Results. No Drugs.

This is an excerpt from Kristina Mills’ Website Copywriting Mastery Course.

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The Anatomy of a Hot Google AdWords Ad