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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Have you been banned by Google AdSense? Or is your AdSense profit so low that you need some alternative? Don’t worry – there are some other ways how to earn good money and maybe even more than with AdSense. Continue reading this article to find out the best Google AdSense alternatives for blog or website.

Alternative #1:

The first alternative may be suitable for those who run a blog or website which receives mostly US traffic. This alternative is called Yahoo publisher network. It works very similarly like AdSense. People using Yahoo publisher network usually refer to higher earnings comparing with AdSense. The only catch is the requirement of US traffic.

Alternative #2:

Another alternative to Google AdSense may be some of many PPC networks. Some of them run contextual ads, some come with banners or text ads targeted by website category or country. You should try a few networks to optimize your earnings per click. But it should be no problem because it is very easy to be accepted by most of the PPC networks.

Alternative #3:

Forget PPC and earn real money with affiliate programs. Join affiliate programs which pay lifetime commissions for referred customer. This is probably the best Google AdSense alternative for your blog or website. If you will go this way, even if your website will not get any traffic in the future, you will still earn commissions with these associate programs. Simply replace the AdSense code with affiliate advertisements and promote your website or blog to get higher traffic.

The Best Google AdSense Alternatives For a Blog Or Website