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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Both banner ads as well as pay-per-click are effective methods of marketing online, in this article I will point out the difference between the two forms of marketing.

First banner ads, these are similar to billboard ads we see by the roadside offline. They do have one advantage over traditional billboard ads, there is the ability to track the number of people that are interested in the ad by the number of clicks the ad receives.

This is the advantage of most types of marketing on the internet and banner ads benefit from this as well. It can also be considered as a direct method of marketing because the prospect can take action immediately by clicking on the ad.

Banner ads are usually placed on websites online, they are usually on the top of a website or on the side, these are sometimes referred to as skyscraper ads. Banner ads rely on traffic to a website to attract prospects and the more targeted the banner ad to the website it is being placed on, the better the results.

On the other hand we have pay-per-click ads, these ads are triggered by a searcher typing in a keyword phrase into a search engine. The ad only shows based on the keyword that was typed into the search box. The big difference between banner ads and pay-per-click ads is the fact that pay-per-click ads have the ability to be more tightly targeted because you are able to choose when your ad is shown based on the keyword phrase that was typed into the search engine.