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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

In the internet world, Google is the top dog, and people have tried to use it to their advantage to make money. But Google actually wants your help and likes to make you money because it helps them too. It's a win-win situation, so here are the top 3 ways to make money with Google:

1. The first option is to use Google AdWords. This is a paid advertising service utilizing PPC, or pay per click, advertising. You can sign up for an affiliate program (there are hundreds available) and advertise products for vendors, and when someone buys the product through your link you will get paid a commission.

PPC works like this- first you get your affiliate links set up, then you write a short ad for your product or website using AdWords. Then you choose the cost per click and every time somebody clicks on your ad, you have to pay that fee. Let's say you are promoting an expensive digital camera that earns you a hefty $ 50 commission. If you pay 20 cents per click, 100 clicks will cost about $ 20. But out of those 100 clicks, hopefully one person will buy the camera, expecting you a $ 50 commission and a total $ 30 profit.

Paid advertising like this is the fastest way to make with Google. But you do need to have some money to spend on advertising, and it can take a while to learn to do things properly. If you want to spend some money to get fast results then give PPC a try, but if you are on a budget, keep reading.

2. The second option is to use Google AdSense and start a blog. You can start a blog for free using Blogger or WordPress, and it is really easy. Then choose a topic and start writing blog posts as often as you can. AdSense will allow you to put ads on your site, and whenever someone clicks one of the ads you will get paid (the ads from AdWords are the ones shown on your site).

If you pick a popular topic to write about, the payout will be more. For example, knitting may not be a big market and may only pay a few cents for each click, but something popular like weight loss can earn you $ 1 or so for each click. It may not seem like much, but this is free and easy, and the money adds up over time.

3. The last option is to use SEO, or search engine optimization, and get articles or websites to show up in Google's search engine results. For this option you also need to have a website, but again you can use something like Blogger or Hubpages to make a simple webpage for free.

Then you pick a topic and make your affiliate links so you can get paid commissions. You just have to make a simple website with information about your product or market, and include some pictures and your affiliate link. Then you use basic SEO principles to get your website to rank well in Google's search engine.

Top 3 Ways To Make Money With Google