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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

If you’re running a pay per click advertising campaign, or are thinking about starting one, be sure to follow these 5 important Pay Per Click Tips. Every successful pay per click campaign follows these 5 tips. Without them your campaigns will not do well. I know that many people try and give up simply because they make simple mistakes in the set up process. So follow these valuable tips and you’ll get started on the right track.

1. Remember your target audience when choosing keywords. Think about things from your potential customer’s point of view. Think of the person searching the Internet for your type of product or service. What will they type? The word that you can think of are the words that you should use as your keywords. Those search terms (keywords) will trigger your ad to show. If you are selling lawn rakes then you only want people who are likely to buy a lawn rake to see and click your ad. You don’t even want your ad to show if someone types “hire someone to rake my lawn”. Why? Because that person is not looking to buy a lawn rake so having them click your Ad would be a waste of money for you.

2. Check your search term report. Make sure you set negative keywords for wasted clicks. This tip goes along with the first one. Sometimes you will get clicks by people who search using keywords that indicate they are not potential customers. Those clicks and search terms will show up on the search term report. You must add negative keywords to your ad campaign for those that bring you wasted clicks. Every click costs money. Make sure you maximize the clicks that bring you good potential customers. Minimize clicks that bring you unlikely buyers.

3. Separate search network and display network into separate campaigns. The default setting in AdWords is to include both networks in the same Ad Campaign. Go to your campaign settings and indicate just one network under the “Networks and Devices ” area.

4. Set your daily budget and your cost per click maximum levels high in the beginning, then lower as needed. This is like giving your campaign a jump start. You need to get things going to get back some data to analyze. Make sure you keep track of what’s going on by checking back often. You need to be sure you are not spending more than you want to.

5. Create more rather than fewer ad groups with each ad group being as specific as possible. This means you would have very little variation among keywords within one ad group. The more you can break down your ads and search terms (keywords) into little pieces the more targeted your advertising will become. If you could create a specific Ad for each search term that would be optimal. But that is not realistic because you can have thousands of search terms in one Ad Campaign. Categorize your Ads and search terms into Ad Groups. Each Ad Group should focus on a specific topic. An example is to have an Ad Group that focuses on wooden lawn rakes. Have another Ad group that focuses on metal lawn rakes.

I hope these 5 Pay Per Click Tips will help you with your Ad Campaigns. They are relatively simple and easy to implement. Yet they are extremely important and very powerful.

Top 5 Pay Per Click Tips