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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

One of the best and effective modes of creating traffic towards you website is pay per click search engine. The best among top per-click are Yahoo search marketing and Google. The PPC campaigns or also known as PPC search engine internet marketing is the extremely efficient way by which your site can get more traffic and acquire awesome exposure to the world’s top search engines like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, Google and many more. A huge series of services sell paid listing on PPC (pay per cost search engine) which is usually known as Cost per click search engine. The common rule for advertising is that advertisers have to pay for each and every click the search engine forwards them.

The use of technology to satisfy human’s hunger is not a new story. With the advent of the internet and advancement in technology, business has been turned into new shape with some awful means of advertisement and marketing. The PPC (Pay Per Click) is said to be the strongest mode of advertisement. There are many pay per click search engines, among which top 5 rankers are discussed here. Google AdWords is another PPC search program that connects people, searching for services and products, with the new consumers within no time. The advertiser has to pay when someone visits their website. Sending as $1 per day, businessmen are satisfied with their sales. Currently more than 1, 50,000 advertisers use Google AdWords. Just select the required text and drive traffic towards their site.


This is said to be the major search program that distributes the listings to different search engines including yahoo which allows the overture. The page of search engine provides the basic training tips on getting started with paid listings at Overture. MSN is another Pay Per Click search program which has created partnership with overture providing some better opportunities to the people, driving in better traffic to their sites.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Whenever there is a discussion about the top rankings search engines then Yahoo comes first. The secret of success of Yahoo search marketing is the fact that it contains highly organized phenomena that provides the customers with the targeted traffic to his website. The most appealing truth about this PPC search program is that a bidder can, at any point and from anywhere he wants, control his bid on the quality basis of the result of the bidder. The search area tool is so powerful that it can provide a statistics as how often people search a specific phrase. The advantage is that advertiser has to pay every time when a visitor enters his site. When more number of visitors enters his site, the advertiser has to pay more.

Junk PPC search engines

A junk PPC is a type of junk email. Their purpose is to spam sites with useless traffic instead handy ones. PPC (Pay per click) junk search engines create many websites with no content and just apply the top general words for specific groups, then drive traffic to your website.

Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns