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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

That is a new thought for an internet marketing tool: Using Pay Per Click on Craigslist to increase traffic to your website and generate revenue. Well why not? Google, Yahoo, and other big name websites offer pay per click options, why not Craigslist? After all, the price to use this marketing tool is way more reasonable than the big name giants search engines.

Interested yet? Of course you are! When running an online business it always comes down to money. How much you have to put out and how much you can save, and of course how much you can make. Money is the goal and the solution. If you find you have little to no money available for marketing your products or services then this could be the answer for your situation.

The prices for using pay per click on the big name websites can vary. If you use the same PPC marketing tool the cost is same for every customer: zero. That’s right, you pay nothing to use this feature as it is offered at free of cost by Craigslist. This cost can help the most stressed online business marketing budget. Can’t it?

If you are not familiar as to how Craigslist works here is an explanation: You post an ad, rotate it several days, changing the advertisement, then wait for persons to respond to the ad. Yes, it is that simple. What is even nicer is that you can use the Google analysis tools when using the PPC feature on Craigslist allowing you to still be able to measure your traffic flow to your website.

It doesn’t stop getting better when using this feature on Craigslist as a marketing tool for your online business. You will also have the ability to forward visitors from the Craigslist ads to a landing page on your website. The landing page can be created with an overview of your products or services and even testimonials from previous clients. Add a box for inquiries or responses and provide information with those interested in using your services.

Pay per click affiliate groups abound. Why not try Craigslist PPC for your online business and see how you and your online business can benefit from using this service to increase traffic flow and generate additional revenue to your bottom line. You literally can’t lose when choosing to use pay per click on Craigslist as a marketing tool.

Use Pay Per Click on Craigslist to Generate Income