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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Is your social network marketing making or costing you money? With no initial fee or maintenance fee, the opportunity to make an income on Facebook seems pretty good. Most social media accounts are free to create and the regular maintenance of a social media account requires little more than an investment of your time and creativity. If you are not using Facebook to make money, or Twitter or YouTube to bring in customers, then you are not maximizing the social network’s revenue-generating opportunities. Whether it’s paid or organic (free), there can be business boosting benefits to tapping into the networks within in your social media accounts.

Social media operates on the concept of increasing your follower base by using the people in your network. Through referrals and recommendations, friends of customers learn about your product. They use it, hopefully enjoy it and from there share their positive experience with people in their network. Unfortunately, this can be easier in real life than on social media. Social networks utilize complex algorithms that limit the reach of your content to your fan base.

Experienced marketers and social media managers know how to prevent this and still make money advertising on Facebook. Facebook ad campaigns can target their desired audience by such factors as basic as age, region, and education. It can also get as detailed as their interests and their jobs. Advertising on Facebook comes with a cost that can be tailored to any budget, but the benefit comes with its precise targeting. So how can you create an income on Facebook? Well, Facebook is a behemoth social media site with more than a billion users. This targeting of your audience allows for qualifying more precise leads, which increases the likelihood that you are exposing your product or service to people who would have great potential of becoming customers, rather than simply looky-loo’s. More traffic creates more leads. More leads mean more conversations. And more conversions mean more sales!

If you are utilizing a pay-per-click or PPC campaign, Facebook offers you an additional cost-saving benefit. The more targeted your leads are, the less money you’ll waste on clicks by users who are not potential customers. You are adding to your bottom line by not spending money on junk leads. A common misconception among advertisers is the lack of integrating campaigns. To get the most out of any marketing campaign it should be referenced in other marketing campaigns. Promote your Facebook page on your Twitter account and vice versa. Running a print or TV ad, make sure to include your social media link in your copy. If you have a mailing list, email marketing campaign or newsletter, make sure to include links to your website and social networks. This way you monetize by getting more mileage and promoting multiple products in one ad. It’s more bang for your buck.

Make your Facebook account do more than just keep in touch with your friends. Create an income on Facebook and build your business. Tap into the power of Facebook’s billion user base with referrals from your networks, as well as make money with Facebook ads. Save money on PPC campaigns, by using Facebook to drill down your leads.

Facebook and social media optimization can be daunting, but there are many resources and tools that make it easier. Top online marketing professionals offer strategies and tactics to create viral Facebook fan pages that lead to traffic and sales.

Using Facebook to Make Money