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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

When it’s time to start driving traffic toward a website there are plenty of options for advertising. One of the most powerful and cost effective methods involves using Google AdWords. Although a seemingly simple advertising option, it does get the results publishers are after.

Google AdWords is one of several advertising vehicles offered by the company behind the Internet’s leading search engine. It relies on text-based advertising to drive traffic toward websites and help publishers realize the conversions they are after.

AdWords is a little different than advertising in the offline world. Rather than having to pay for an advertisement that may or may not produce results, this prospect costs money based on performance.

Although it requires a small one-time fee for activation, it then operates inside the confines of a budget advertisers are able to set themselves. Advertisers pay out based on the quality of their ad and the number of clicks they receive from people interested in seeing what an advertiser has to offer. This is called pay-per-click advertising, but in Google’s case advertisers are able to set how much they are willing to pay per each click.

Creating an ad for this Google advertising option is a fairly simple undertaking. All it involves is creating a headline and a few lines of text that include the display and destination URL. The most important factor of this type of advertisement is the keyword or keywords used. These words largely determine the placement for the advertisement.

AdWords works by matching an advertisement’s keywords with websites or search pages that match up to the cues provided by the words themselves. An advertisement with the keywords “camera equipment,” for example, might appear on websites that offer news about camera products or tips for photographers. It might also appear on a results page when a Google user searches the term “camera equipment.”

Google AdWords is a powerful choice because of the targeting it provides and the potential traffic it can use. Google is a heavily trafficked search engine. The exposure that can be provide through the use of AdWords is hard top considering the financial exposure involved with the ads themselves.

When a cost-effective online advertising method is desired, Google AdWords delivers an option that can provide results. This is a highly useful tool for gaining traffic and potential conversions.

Using Google AdWords in Online Advertising Campaigns