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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

It is logical that at this point that you might be wondering where the advertisements Google puts on your site / blog come from.

Google has another program called AdWords where businesses and individuals can pay to advertise their websites via AdSense. These companies and individuals are assured by doing this that the websites their advertisements end up on will be relevant to the goods and services which they want to sell. Just as AdSense saves you time in looking for advertisers for your site, AdWords saves a lot of time, energy and money for those businesses who want to advertise on relevant sites without having to go out themselves and search for the sites to host their ads.

Using the AdWords program, businesses and individuals buy AdSense ads in large blocks by bidding on them. Generally a business will pay for 500-1000 ads at a time. Based on their specified keywords, a business allows AdSense to put their ads on sites which would likely interest people who would be their potential customers.

For the example above of the chicken blog, if you were a hatchery, or a supplier of chicken accessories, then you would want ads placed on blogs such as the above one for chickens. This is exactly what AdWords and AdSense do. And, they do it very well for both the advertiser and the host of the ads. The hatchery wants to find chicken lovers and the blog about chickens is the place it can easily find them. The blog wants ads which will appeal to chicken lovers, and the hatchery is one of those ads.

Just as AdSense can be a good way to make money from advertising, AdWords can be a good way to advertise your business or even your own blog! If you are looking at driving targeted traffic to a website what better way than to use AdWords where will place ads on similar websites to yours? There simply is no easier way. If you have a blog on a unique topic and are struggling to bring it traffic, you can buy AdWords advertising and your blog link will show up on similar sites to yours, and this will bring you added traffic. From this added traffic you will get more clicks on your AdSense ads and will likely make more money from those than you paid to advertise with AdWords.

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